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Resolomics is a biotechnology company developing innovative, high-value companion diagnostics and a novel cell-based therapy.

Our proprietary technology can identify specific molecules, lipid mediators, that are directly associated with both the initiation and resolution of inflammation, thereby enabling segmentation of the inflammatory events associated with a specific disease or drug. This Lipid Mediator Signature (LMS) technology has application across all inflammatory diseases, both chronic and acute and will significantly impact patient management and treatment. 

Intellectual Property

A substantial body of research has provided Resolomics with a valuable portfolio of patent-protected intellectual property and know-how. Resolomics secured an exclusive worldwide IP licence to the relevant patent estate from Queen Mary University London.

Our IPR strategy will be driven by the company’s strategic aims and novel product offerings. The patent strategy will aim to achieve Intellectual Property protection for the methodology and also novel LMS that are predictive of treatment responses to novel as well as existing therapeutics for each of the chronic diseases characterised by an inflammatory etiopathogenesis.  The company will aim to achieve IP protection for novel cell-based therapeutics in the treatment of uncontrolled inflammation.


Resolomics has concluded a Research Evaluation and Option Agreement with a European diagnostics company.  The project aims to develop a specific LMS Companion Diagnostic.

To facilitate parallel development of its unique portfolio Resolomics is currently marketing this exciting product opportunity to both strategic and financial investors.



Team Resolomics

Professor Jesmond Dalli

Founder, Director, and Chief Scientific Officer

About Jesmond

Professor and Director of the Lipid Mediator Unit at QMUL.  Jesmond held faculty positions at Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the USA. He established the methodologies that are fundamental for Resolomics’ Dx and CDx product focus. 

Jesmond discovered and characterized the biological actions of a significant portion of molecules that will be the focus of development efforts. Jesmond trained with Prof. Charles N Serhan at Harvard Medical School who pioneered research in the field of resolution mediators. 

He has over 140 publications; his work has been cited over 8600 times, and he is an inventor on 3 granted patents and an additional 8 patent filings.  Resolomics has adopted the proprietary analytical workflow used in the Dalli laboratory and named it ResoScan™ as well as the cell-based technologies developed by the Dalli laboratory and named it ResoCell™.


Professor Mauro Perretti

Founder, Director, and Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board

About Mauro

Professor of ImmunoPharmacology and Dean of Research at Barts School of Medicine and Dentistry. 

He pioneered the concept of the resolution of inflammation with the delineation of the bioactions of specific mediators and identification of their receptor targets.

His published research has a focus on mediators that promote the termination of inflammation, termed resolution mediators, and novel investigations on the anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties of resolvins.  He has 9 patents of which 3 have been licensed.

Mauro has more than 380 publications (and over 28,000 citations).

Dr V Paul Gerskowitch

Founder, Director, and Chairman of the Board of Directors

About Paul

Paul is an Investor Director at ProFactor Pharma, a company developing a unique rhFVIII product for treatment of Haemophilia A.

In an industrial career spanning 45 years he held senior R&D leadership roles at international pharmaceutical companies, eg., ICI Pharmaceuticals, Wellcome Foundation and Wyeth.  He was an Executive Director at the MRC Collaborative Centres in Edinburgh and London and Executive Director at the James Black Foundation, Kings College Medical School.

Later Paul served as an Executive Director at a range of therapeutic and medical technology companies and also contributed to significant, value-added deal closures, whilst working at strategic transaction focussed businesses, eg., Group Director, Scientific Affairs at Ferghana.

He was a member of several expert groups, including the University of Strathclyde’s International Healthcare Technologies advisory panel, the British Heart Foundation’s Translational Award committee and BBSRC NIBBS.  He co-authored 60 peer-reviewed publications and was an inventor on several patents.

Dr Liisa Chisty

Director, QMUL Nominee

About Liisa

Liisa is a Commercialisation Manager at Queen Mary Innovation (BioPharma) and is the university’s representative on the Resolomics Board.  

She has held multiple roles in intellectual property management and business development at various technology transfer offices including UCL, Imperial College, and Cancer Research UK.

Liisa is a Founder and has acted as a Director at several companies. Having trained as a scientist and completed a doctorate from UCL in 2012, she is an inventor on a patent application for a biosensor.


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